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The foundation of successful business communication is to understand your business, your goals and your products. ThinkTank Networks partners have significant expertise in communication and campaigns for the IT industry. We know the EMEA IT markets intimately, have excellent international contacts, and extend our clients' market access via the relevant communication channels, including the media and industry analysts.

Effectively implementing an Analyst Relations program gives vendors the opportunity to gain a competitive advantage. By ensuring that industry analysts are aware of your company, your offerings, and, most important of all, your value proposition, you have a chance of being recommended as “one to watch” by analysts talking to large enterprises, and of course your fellow vendors

Many companies overlook the impact of industry analysts when running marketing programs – and in doing so, miss the chance to start influencing the influencers. Analysts share their opinions through a variety of published work, such as reports and blogs, through presentations at conferences, via media interviews, and especially in so-called „black box‟ enquiries and consultancy sessions with their customers. It's almost impossible for a third-party to track what is said in these closed conversations, but every vendor can influence the analysts, firstly by making sure their company is on the analysts' radar screens.


Analyst relations

In the enterprise sector, industry analysts have a strong upstream influence on the process that forms opinions about your business. Based on decades of experience in working with top industry analyst firms such as Gartner, Forrester and IDC, our team has the deep connections, know-how and understanding to best leverage analysts' influence.


Unique in Industry Analyst Relations

  • Industry best-practice AR program setup rewarded by Gartner. More details ...
  • Highly developed insights into major analyst firms such as Gartner, IDC, Forrester, Ovum, the 451 Group, etc.
  • Excellent personal contacts with many leading industry analysts
  • Comprehensive and high-quality AR database
  • Production and execution of AR specialized communication channels such as briefings, webinars, summit events, newsletter, roadshows, message testing, etc.
  • Methodology and experience in influencing critical analyst ratings such as Magic Quadrants, Waves, etc.



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