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Why is the right positioning strategy so important?

"Positioning is one of the most transformative powers a company has at its disposal. It gives your company or brand long-term direction and helps align all marketing activities to a common goal. Effective positioning ensures that all stakeholders have a consistent perception of the brand and that marketing messages resonate with your target customers. Successful positioning has huge potential to increase your business' bottom line by:

  • Identifying/unlocking additional growth potential
  • Strengthening customer and employee relationships, retention and loyalty
  • Impacting on sales and marketing efficiency (firstly by enabling focused customer acquisition)

Following a 360° approach we help to identify and target the strategic sweet spot in the market. Based on an assessment of customer needs, market trends, competitors' positioning approaches and internal skills we develop long-term positioning strategies and translate them into convincing communication content, visually and verbally. We help our customers to create a clear, unique and defendable competitive advantage."

Matthias Steinert, Specialist for Brand Management & Positioning

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