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Why is now the perfect time for entering China?

“As is widely known, over recent decades, China’s manufacturing miracle has seen the country rise from a small, mainly rural economy to one of the world’s economic powerhouses, with an increasingly urban and middle class population

The opportunities within China’s huge new class of consumers are however only gradually coming to the attention of the West – although some of the major international players have entered China already, there still remains great potential for small and medium sized companies to find their niche in the world’s most exciting market. Companies that enter China now can quickly position themselves at the top of their sector and with a potential customer base of over 1.3billion, can expect to be richly rewarded.

The business environment in China is of course fundamentally different to what Western companies are used to. Regulations, red tape and the general business environment for non-Chinese companies have improved over recent years, but there are still a number of considerations for companies to take into account when formulating their China strategy. As always, the key to a successful market entry is relevant local knowledge. We’re happy to share our knowledge and experience to help you get going on your China journey.”

Johannes Huang, Market Entry Expert, China

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