Sponsoring a child in VietnamSponsoring a child in VietnamSponsoring a child in Vietnam

Sponsoring a child in Vietnam

SOS Children's Village Mai Dich is situated on the outskirts of Hanoi, the country's capital. It consists of 16 family houses built in the local style, staff accommodation and an administration and service area.

There is an SOS Kindergarten, where up to 97 children can be taught and the SOS Hermann Gmeiner School, which offers primary and secondary education and has a capacity of up to 700 students. Both kindergarten and school are attended by children from the SOS Children's Village and from the local community. Since 2013 ThinkTank Networks has been supporting a girl at Mai Dich, giving her a chance to grow up in a safe environment with access to education. You can support her by making a donation to her account. She will be able to access this account when she starts her own independent life as an adult. 

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